My Name (なまえ)


Since this is my very first post, I figured I’d introduce myself.

Actually for this one, I want to talk about my name.

You already know I’m called Takara Murakami. That’s my Japanese name.

This is how it is written in Japanese:  村上 宝 (Murakami Takara).

I’ll break it down for you.

村上 (Murakami) from 村 meaning ‘village’ and 上 ‘up’ or ‘above.’ Then there’s 宝 (Takara) meaning ‘treasure.’

Yes … you’re starting to get where the idea for my blog came from, aren’t ya?

Though some of you may say I’m reading too much into this or something, I like to think my name means something this: “treasure from the village above.”

I like to think the “village above” is heaven, and the “treasure” I have is Jesus Christ. 🙂

And it is true. Jesus is our treasure here. II Corinthians 4:7 says that we have this great treasure in us – in our fragile bodies of jars of clay. And this treasure is shining through us into this world, so that we may shine with Christ’s light into the darkness.

Okay, now I’m feeling bad for being lazy. I’m a lazy student. But when I think of this great treasure in me, I cannot help but be thankful to God. It also makes me want to rise above my mediocrity so that He will be glorified.

So… I’ll end here then. Schoolwork is calling. It’s really tough. Pray for me, will ya? You can comment prayer requests, too, and I’ll pray for you.

Till next time~


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