Kitchen Adventures: Episode 1

On the second of April 2014, I made this for lunch.

l.01 - 2th.Apr - Chicken, Pasta, Pre-made Sauce

It’s pasta and chicken and pre-made basilico pasta sauce.

This is the first time I made something in the kitchen myself. I did the shopping myself, too.

It was edible, but I did not feel like I had enough. I wanted to make some more, but that would mean cooking all over again, and washing the equipment all over again.

The meal was cold when I got to it, because I went ans washed the things. I used before eating. Though I used to attribute the coldness of the meal to the length of time it took to wash the pot and pan, etc. Now I think it has something to do with dousing the pasta noodles in water before putting it on the plate – that and it might be a little undercooked.

I left the noodles on the pot for about 15 minutes, but it didn’t bubble over. I think it’s supposed to.

The chicken I cut up, and seasoned with pepper before frying. Then, while it was simmering, I doused it with the pasta sauce, because I did not want to have cold pasta sauce and I did not want to have to heat it in a different pan or a few minutes later with the same pan. The endeavor was futile, because the sauce dried up (thus the lack of it in the picture), and I ate the meal cold anyway.

I am certain the chicken was cooked, but it was not as tender as I expected it to be.

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