Kitchen Adventures: Episode 2

Here’s what I made for dinner.

d.01 - 2th.Apr - w-o fork

It’s fish, pasta, and some veggies.

Though it may look fancy, it really isn’t. I used mostly ready-made ingredients, and the way I made it itself was less than pleasant.

Ever since my aunt told me about how microwave ovens increase the trans fat of food, I have been averse to using them. So even before I had come here I always tried not to use the microwave. But I used it with this meal, and as I’ve already said, it was less than pleasant.

Before making this, I encountered two main problems: defrosting the meat, and defrosting the veggies (yes, even the veggies were prepared before hand; i got them in a plastic in the cold section of the supemarket).

Defrosting the veggies wasn’t that big a deal. They were just veggies, after all. They were not the … iconic ingredient. They were decor on the side that shows I’m trying to eat healthy – and I do try to eat them. And pasta is plenty coz it’s my rice substitute.

The fish was the main problem. I had opened the box earlier that day. I was hoping to have it for lunch. If only I had realized before hand that it would be frozen! I should’ve made sense of the clues! First, it was in the cold section. Second, even ready-made chicken nuggets where I’m from need time for defrosting!

But I was starting to get hungry, and I didn’t want to wait. (That and waiting for something to defrost is just plain boring.)

So I did what my friend Kay suggested when it takes too long to defrost (I hadn’t waited long, really): defrost it using the microwave. And be careful, she said, coz if the temperature is too high, you’d be cooking while defrosting, and it isn’t a good idea to cook while defrosting.

So I put the fish on a plate, and inside the microwave. The microwave has this yellow line outside the number of minutes, and beside this line was the word defrost. So I figured that all I has to do was start the thing, and that’s what I did.

It did not look good when I took it out. There was this yellowish liquid substance surrounding it, and I assume it’s a mixture of oil from the fish, and water from the ice. It was cold when I took it out.

A bit of fish got separated as I moved the fish to the chopping board, and I ventured to taste it. It tasted edible – whatever that tastes like. It also already seemed cooked, though it was cold. I figured that must be why cooking while defrosting is a bad idea.

I continued to chop the fish. (When I got the fish from the box, it was this huge rectangular chunk of fish that only needed little to be done to it for it to be ready to be eaten. Obviously, I didn’t, and still don’t, know what to do with it.) I cut the fish in half first. And then I cut the halves into even smaller halves, so I ended up with four pieces.

Unfortunately, during the whole process of me preparing the meal, I accidently dropped one of these pieces, so I ate only one piece that night. This is I suppose not that bad. At least this way, I did not eat something, because it fell, not because I prepared it terribly or made too much.

You see, because I felt I did not have enough that afternoon, I made a lot more pasta to go with the meal. I also had a good serving of veggies on the side. Add the fish to that, and you get a really big meal. (Though the picture does not make it look like one.)

I fried the vegetables that night. I don’t think that was a very good idea.

WhenI got to the meal after cleaning up, it was much colder than my lunch. Even the middle portions were not that hot.

I sprinkled black pepper on it. That made it a bit more bearable, but I did not finish the meal. It was too much for me.

I saved some leftover pasta, and chucked the rest in the bin (mostly vegetables went there).

The meal was hardly any good.

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