Kitchen Adventures: Episode 3

On the third of April 2014, I made this:


Though it looks similar to the meal the night before, it was prepared differently. Notice how the vegetabes are mied in with the pasta on this one. This is because I mixed them in with the noodles while preparing the noodles. Also, some leftover noodles from the night before were mixed in with the noodles that were to be cooked for this meal.

I did not use the microwave for this one. I took out the fish and veggies from the fridge and left them alone for a while … At least, that’s what I think I did. My memory of the defrosting period is hazy.

The process I took to make this was eventful – not a word usually associated with cooking, and not one that would describe the ideal cooking scenario, but that’s how it was.

What I cooked first was the fish. In hindsight, I think I should’ve started with the pasta. It takes longer after all. When I was making this, I knew, in the back of my mind, that the pasta would take a while. But I wanted to get on with my fish experiment.


I placed the last two pieces (I had cut it up into four pieces, remember?) on the frying pan (this seems to be the piece of kitchen equipment I use the most).

Note that I did not oil the pan first.

What I did, after placing the fish, was pour milk over the sides of the fish in the pan.

For all you cooking savvy people, I know what you’re thinking: that this was a bad idea … Or at least not a very good one. I’m still convinced I can pull it off with some more improvising and practice … And attention.

Why attention? I will get to that in a while.

After pouring the milk, I got the two condiments I had at the moment: black pepper and paprika, and seasoned the fish and the milk in the pan. Then I got the lid of the pan (I think that lid belongs to that pan, coz they fit), covered the pan, and … Get this: started to shake the pan.

Sound crazy, yet? This is apparently how I prepare meals. Hey, you should’ve expected something like this when you read about the milk.

Well, it seemed reasonable to me while I was doing it.

My purpose for this was to get the seasoned milk over the fish, too. So that the fish would be doused in milk with pepper and paprika. Why didn’t I just laddle the milk? Coz I was using a spatula, and there wasn’t enough milk to laddle, anyway. (And yes, I tried it with the wooden spatula I was holding.)

Anyway, after that, I left it alone, and started with the veggies and the pasta. But, while I was preparing them and heard a sizzling kind of noise. I turned, and saw, to my surprise and horror, that the milk had evaporated, and that left in its place was a thick crust of whatever was burnt in the process. My surprise was due the change, and my horror was due to the fact the I would have to scrub the pan clean afterwards.

I noted that I had not thought of turning down the heat (it’s an electric stove), so I turned it down at that moment (much too late), took of the lid of the pan (which used to be transparent, but was all fogged up when I took it) and placed it near the sink, and then proceeded to move the fish unto my plate. Much to my amusement (despite the situation), I found two silver (color of the pan) areas shaped like rectangles when I took the fish from the pan. It was a relief to see those two rectangles, because that’s two areas I wouldn’t have to scrub as hard.


I got the pasta and veggies and places them on an adjacent stove.

I believe at that time I then started to scrub the pan clean. I remember quite clearly being tempted to leave some brown areas on the pan, and let others think it’s always been like that. But I mananged to scrub it clean and I do believe, that when I finished scrubbing it, it looked cleaner than before I used it.


Another thing I remember was sitting by the kitchen table checking to see if anyone’s online to chat with, yet. I remember scheduling a Skype appointment with my friend Patrice.

Just then, I heard another sound. It was more of a whistling kind of sound, and I turned and saw, more to amusement and surprise than horror (I think I was more amused than horrified by any of the unanticipated turn of events in this whole episode) that bubbling water was overflowing from the pot with pasta. I quickly got up, turned the heat down (yes, I had’t done that the either), thought that next time I should turn down the heat, got the pot, and the white plastic colander (I learned this word from watching Blues Clues) and drained the water.

Then I transferred the pasta and veggies unto the plate. I hadn’t bothered with rearranging the food, so it looks a little messy on the picture, but and I think it adds style to it.

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