Kitchen Adventures: Episode 4

On the 3rd of April 2014, this is what I had for dinner.

d.02 - 3rd.Apr - Chicken, Pasta, Veggies

It is chicken and pasta and veggies.

Not much can be said about this. Process is similar to ones used before. Both the chicken in this meal and in the first lunch were fried and with pepper. The differences are in this one, the chicken is obviously not cut up, and in this one, I believe I added a dash of spicy paprika. It wasn’t spicy when I ate it, though.

The pasta in this one, I think is the first time I made pasta that wasn’t either overcooked or undercooked.

The veggies were thrown into the pan when the chicken was nearly done.

I also turned down the heat for this one.

Here are some more pictures:

d.02 - in the making

Oh, and I started with the meat again, I think. I didn’t take a picture with the veggies.

And here is the pasta pot boiling.

d.02 - bubbling pot

It was during this that I started taking picturs of the process.

Also, a neighbor called Mai told me that you know the pasta is done when you can cut through it with your fingernails.

That’s one reason why I got this one right.

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