Kitchen Adventures: Episode 5

4th of April

Lunch is two phases of chicken cooked, pasta, and veggies.

l.03 - 4th.Apr - Two Phases of Chicken, Pasta, Veggies

“Two phases of chicken cooked” mean only this: that I cooked chicken meat and the chicken egg. So it all goes full circle.

Pasta and veggies jumbled together again in pot.

My plan for the 2 chicken phases was to envelope the chicken meat in in scrambled egg – kinda like an omelette. One look at the picture, however, will tell you that I failed in that aspect. The egg is (slightly) burnt and all messed up.

I fried the chicken before adding it to the would-be messed up omelette.

This is how the pan looked after the frying.

l.03 - pan after frying

It was during this episode that I learned that I could leave the pan submerged in water while eating, and get to cleaning it after eating. It would make it easier to clean this way.

And to think I thought people who left dishes and pans submerged in water were just being lazy.

If I had known, I wouldn’t have scrubbed so hard last time.

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