Kitchen Adventures: Episode 6

On the 5th of April, I had this for lunch. I did not make dinner the night before, coz there was a grill party.

l.04 - 5th.Apr - Chicken, Tortellini Käse, Veggies

Chicken, pasta, veggies, the usual … With a twist.

Pasta and veggies prepared the same way (just noticed I’ve been overcooking them).

The chicken meat, I cut up. As you can see,  I sometimes made shapes.

After cutting it up, I (sorta) covered it in Cayenne-Pepper powder and fried it.

l.04 - Chicken in Pan

I said the pasta’s prepared the same. That is true, but not everything is the same. I used a different type of pasta for this one.

It’s called Tortellini Käse.

Tortellini Käse

Käse means cheese. It’s pasta with cheese inside. They aren’t noodles.

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