Introducing the Open Book Chronicles!!

Since I have Kitchen Adventures, I figured I should also have Open Book Chronicles. Learning about the Bible is more important than cooking properly, anyway. The Word of God is Spiritual Food – the nourishment it gives us is more important than the nourishment from food for the body.

As Jesus said in Matthew 4:4,

Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.

The way my Open Book Chronicles works is this:

Every “book” is every reading plan I decide to take on – be it one of those reading plans readily available at YouVersion  or Olive Tree, or one where I decide to read through a certain book of the Bible and study it. So I may go through more than one reading plan at the same time, and you, my dear readers, shall see updates for more than one “book” of the Open Book Chronicles! 🙂

Every “chapter” is every day I read from the Bible, as I follow the reading plan.

I start with Chapter 5 of Book 1 of the Open Book Chronicles, because I am on the 5th day of my current reading plan, which is from Olive Tree and is called Prof. Grant Horner’s Bible-Reading System.

I recommend this reading plan. Going through this plan allows you to see how the Bible is all interconnected.

I know that all the books in the Bible are interconnected, but I have never seen that as a fact as clearly as before I started this. It is absolutely beautiful seeing the work of God like this. So I highly suggest you give it a go.

It may be a bit too much at first, though, since you read 10 chapters a day, but it is worth it. 🙂

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