[Open Book Chronicles] Book 1: Chapter 5

The 10 Chapters of the Bible that I read in this Chapter of the first Book of Open Book Chronicles: (Whew, that’s a long heading. Next time, it’ll just be “The 10 Chapters.”)

  1. Matthew 5
  2. Genesis 5
  3. Romans 5
  4. I Thessalonians 5
  5. Job 5
  6. Psalm 5
  7. Proverbs 5
  8. Joshua 5
  9. Isaiah 5
  10. Acts 5

As I have already mentioned, I begin (at least online) from Day 5. The chapters to be read for the previous 4 days, if you want to read them are the 4 previous chapters from these same books.

I really like how it all comes together when I read the Bible like this.

In Matthew 5 are the beatitudes and the Sermon on the Mount. Then a leap back in time to Genesis where there is a family line listed (from Adam to Noah). Someone once told me that in the names listed here is the Gospel … or a version of it, at least. The meaning of the names in Genesis 5 tell a story.

Adam means ‘man,’ Seth means ‘compensation’ …

Wanna know the rest? Look it up yourself. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. I suggest looking them up on BlueLetterBible.org.

If you don’t see how Matthew 5 is related to Genesis 5, you’ll start seeing so when you read Romans 5, which is about Law and Grace. And so on. I like how everything relates to each other so much, I’m worried this is all I’ll talk about in this post and in those to come. See for yourself, then.

Some things I learned, then:

  • It is only through God that the Law can be obeyed to the very last stroke.
  • God’s love and grace are what allows us to seek Him and compels us to obey Him.
  • Since we are God’s children, we are compelled to let our light shine for all to see.
  • Be salt. Be light. Be different in a good way, so that others will praise God.
  • If you’ve sinned, repent and turn to God, and ask God to lead you righteousness.
  • Praise God for when you suffer for His Name’s Sake.

I really don’t like the list I just made. I don’t know how else to summarize what I know I should do after reading this, you see.

It’s really easy to read, and then go along doing just what I’ve been doing before. It’s easy also to say, “Okay, I’ll do that.” What matters is whether or not there is change in my actions? Do I obey or do I merely think of obeying?

I know these. It frustrates me that I forget when it counts.


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