Game night with neighbors!! Not everyone was around, though..

We played a game called Activity – I’m sure you’ve heard of that. (If not, click here and here for rules. We played Activity 2.)

It’s a difficult game in a foreign language. Though they were understanding and allowed the use of English and allowed me to choose any word from the list and even sometimes had words explained to me before hand, I felt that by doing so I was cheating. I was not, though. It’s allowed.

It was girls vs boys: 3 on 2. But one guy left, so it became 2 on 2: a girl and a guy vs two girls. The other team won.

The girl from the winning team left soon after. It was around 11 PM. Those left decided to play a bit of UNO.

The guy who left earlier came back and joined us. He is “good” at the game – I mean, seriously!

Just kidding. He was terrible at it.

The other guy kept score.

He kept score, too, the last time we played. I don’t know why he does that.

We can play and have fun without keeping score.

Scores make me self-conscious, so..

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