The Perfectionist In Me

God wants to use us as we are. He brings out the good in us.

Harris Creek Baptist Church


I recently read a feature story in Graphic Design USA called, “100 People to Watch” in the creative industry. Each profile would list out each “person to watch” and their favorite font, favorite color, favorite gadget, etc. and the last two questions were “What is your biggest strength?” and “What is your biggest weakness?” As I read the profiles of these graphic designers, creative directors and artists I began to realize a trend develop among the answers to those last two questions. The answers that repeatedly presented themselves were that of “perfectionism” for strengths and “perfectionism” for weaknesses as well. As a graphic designer myself, and knowing my perfectionist tendencies, I couldn’t help but notice the shackles the creative industry has placed on itself. Some might call perfectionism a strength, some might excuse it as striving to be the very best you can be, others might claim it…

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