To a Friend # 1

God’s on your side, wherever you are
on a bike, in a car.
Don’t forget His gift to you.
‘Tis much better than fondue!

When you’re down, remember God.
Think not of the devil’s fraud.
God can give you peace of mind
& heart, soul, body combined!

Part of a poem I wrote to a friend

(Yes, I’ve decided to try poetry.)


I think we can all benefit from thinking of God. I don’t mean to ask questions like “Is God real?”. I mean to think of God with love – reminiscing about what He has done for us, what He has given us, and all those times spent together. I mean to remember His promises and love. He is on our side, even when we don’t believe so. He loves us and wants us to come to Him, seek Him – yet He is never far away. He is only ever waiting for us to search for Him and reach out to Him, as He has reached out to us.

God’s gift is His gift of life. Without Him, we are dead – we’re goners. This life is is short and will come to an end. His gift of life is both richness of life here ( a life filled with meaning and purpose), and eternal life with Him after this one.


On the devil’s fraud: I mean his lies. The devil is a liar. It would do us good not to listen to his lies.