Modern day Polygamy: Porn and Polygamy in the church


Polygamy is a practice that most Christians find a bit embarrassing. It seems that the bible implicitly allows for some form of polygamy when we see the temporal blessings of Solomon, David, and Abraham. Can there be any doubt that Solomon was given wisdom by God? Can there be any doubt that God blessed him with wealth and all manner of temporal blessings? Yet, by all accounts Solomon was the polygamist par excellence.  

Why does the bible record these seemingly incongruous accounts of his wisdom and his polygamy? Why not avoid the implication that many have wrongly drawn that the bible allows for or possibly condones polygamy? Furthermore, it seems that Christianity has been able to effectively and efficiently move away from this embarrassing episode in our religious history. Is it possible that God in his infinite wisdom has allowed the testimony of scripture to record a sordid affair…

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You are my Good Shepherd

Samuel W. Russell

You are my Good Shepherd,
in whom I trust.

You have protected me,
have calmed my spirit,
have given me strength in failing,
have given assurance in confusion,
have fed me in hunger,
and have restored my soul.
You, my Lord and King,
have called me out of darkness
after breaking the chains of my captivity.

Though my mind was depraved
and living in shadows of delusion,
Your Goodness and Light know no bounds.
The Heavens cannot contain the love you have
for those who call you Father,
and seek you with their whole heart.

You provide wisdom to those who fear you,
and guidance for those who are lost.

You are my Good Shepherd,
in whom I place my trust.
Deliver me from sins depravity,
uplift my soul O’ Lord,
that others may see your Grace.

You are my rock and shield
on whom I will build my life,

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Is it wrong to be gay and a Christian?

What do you think of this?


Gay Cake Topper

If you’re the type to watch the news, you may know that at midnight on March 29 2014, gay marriage laws came into effect in Britain. This means that as well as it being legal for homosexual couples to marry, there are now two definitions of marriage: the union of two men or two women, and the union of one man and one woman. We are living in times where it is becoming more and more acceptable to be gay (or bisexual), and so it is important that we as Christians understand what the Bible says about homosexuality. Only then will we be able to remain steadfast in our faith regardless of what goes on in the world around us.

The first step in answering this question is to consider ‘what does it actually mean to be a Christian?’

‘But to all who did receive Him, who believed in His…

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The Perfectionist In Me

God wants to use us as we are. He brings out the good in us.

Harris Creek Baptist Church


I recently read a feature story in Graphic Design USA called, “100 People to Watch” in the creative industry. Each profile would list out each “person to watch” and their favorite font, favorite color, favorite gadget, etc. and the last two questions were “What is your biggest strength?” and “What is your biggest weakness?” As I read the profiles of these graphic designers, creative directors and artists I began to realize a trend develop among the answers to those last two questions. The answers that repeatedly presented themselves were that of “perfectionism” for strengths and “perfectionism” for weaknesses as well. As a graphic designer myself, and knowing my perfectionist tendencies, I couldn’t help but notice the shackles the creative industry has placed on itself. Some might call perfectionism a strength, some might excuse it as striving to be the very best you can be, others might claim it…

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