Modern day Polygamy: Porn and Polygamy in the church


Polygamy is a practice that most Christians find a bit embarrassing. It seems that the bible implicitly allows for some form of polygamy when we see the temporal blessings of Solomon, David, and Abraham. Can there be any doubt that Solomon was given wisdom by God? Can there be any doubt that God blessed him with wealth and all manner of temporal blessings? Yet, by all accounts Solomon was the polygamist par excellence.  

Why does the bible record these seemingly incongruous accounts of his wisdom and his polygamy? Why not avoid the implication that many have wrongly drawn that the bible allows for or possibly condones polygamy? Furthermore, it seems that Christianity has been able to effectively and efficiently move away from this embarrassing episode in our religious history. Is it possible that God in his infinite wisdom has allowed the testimony of scripture to record a sordid affair…

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